Best Lawn Aerators

Find out More about Lawn Aerators and How to Choose One for Your Yard

When left alone, the great outdoors thrives how it sees fit. But we’re talking about your lawn, which you aim to keep pristine, prim and proper. When you introduce chemicals and alternative irrigation methods that enhance the aesthetics, you could actually be causing damage to your lawn by not allowing for proper aeration.

A lot of people are actually unfamiliar with the word “aeration” or what it actually means, but it is an important concept to understand in full if you are going to correctly maintain your lawn on a regular basis, so let us actually take a few moments and go into detail about what it is and why this concept is so important to regular lawn maintenance and keeping your lawn green, healthy, and fresh looking. With all of that in mind, what, exactly, is lawn aeration?

In the simplest possible terms, lawn aeration is the process of intentionally disturbing your lawn soil in a controlled and contained manner so as to allow the soil to get the sunlight, nutrients, and, as the name implies, the very oxygen that it not only needs to just grow, but actually thrive in the proper sense of the word.

In order to actually accomplish this, you will need to buy a lawn aerator, which is a specialized tool that is designed to lightly move around your soil without totally tearing up your yard in the process. By doing this, you can help to ensure that your lawn is growing into the best possible version of itself that it possibly can and will continue to thrive for the entire year to come.

Let’s promote proper oxygen distribution, and keep your lawn completely flawless. You’re entertaining, enjoying your family and just trying to look like the best house on the block. There’s already a lot to take care of to ensure your lawn garners envious glances from your neighbors, but aerating is possibly the number one most underutilized, and most important thing you can do.