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Winter is fast approaching. You could grab a last-minute snow shovel from that pharmacy shop, or you can prepare yourself better with the best snow blowers on the market. Winter brings on labor-intensive, fatigue inducing work, and it always hits at the worst possible time. Nobody wants to shovel their car out at 8:00 in the morning, or have to shovel it out in the dark after they get home at night.

These snow blowers take all the guesswork out of maintaining your home during the heavy winter season. You’ll not only be able to clear your driveway, sidewalk and yard much faster, but you’ll save your back the pain, and save hundreds of hours of time over the next ten years. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and we’re going to do that with the best snow blowers available.

The best snow blowers in this review has been categorized into three different picks, depending on editor’s picking.  Please pass over to the appropriate section so you can find the best choice for your snow needs. We also invite you to check out and complete our quiz to help you determine which snow blower is best of your house.

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Snow Blowers

Our Top Snow Blower Picks.

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What to Look for When Evaluating Snow Blowers

Amperage on the motor is a big one. It tells you how much it can handle. You’ll notice that the amp volume on these models that we’ve reviewed have descended. If you’re in an area where footfalls are common, you’ll want to get a bigger, better motor to handle all the snowfall.

You should also look at the power supply: you can choose between gas or electric. Electric models are becoming far more popular, and mean you don’t have to breathe in carbon emissions from gas, or spend money on the gas in the first place. Charging your batteries is most cost-effective than using gas, but can be problematic if you have a large space to cover and only one battery pack.

Lastly, the total width is a major factor. You want to cover as much ground as possible, though you’ll see a common width of about eighteen inches. So long as the unit is lightweight and easy to maneuver through snow and slush, this won’t be a problem. More coverage means more weight, so keep that in mind.

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Shopping Guide for Snow Blowers

Updated November 26, 2019

Nobody wants to shovel during the snowy season. Snow blowers are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. Ten or fifteen years ago, if your neighbor had a snow blower, it meant they had money. No options on this list exceed even a single paycheck for a full-time minimum wage worker, so you can absolutely take care of your pathway and driveway this winter without going broke.

Apart from the price, snow blowers are always going to be a lot faster than shoveling. This is an investment in your time, but also an investment in your health. Between fatigue and lower lumbar pain, shoveling is a terrible idea, but the raised handles of a snow blower keep you perfectly level, and avoid causing trauma to your lower back.

Our main goal is to always provide you open, honest, unbiased reviews and insight into the chemical sprayers that you want. We are not taking any sponsorship from any manufacturers, so you can rest assure that you’re getting first hand review and genuine information you need with no hidden agenda.

If you’ve already completed your own inquest, and you’re feeling ready to invest in a snow blowers please check out all the product listed above for our top favorite snow blowers. If you’d like to know more before deciding, read our benefits of a best snow blowers below.  

Why Get a Snow Blower?

An electric snowblower is great choice for those living in urban areas, townhomes, and suburban residences in neighborhoods. We really like these choices because these are low maintenance machines and have great longevity.

What Are the Benefits of a Snow Blower?

One of the major benefits of having a snow blower is keeping the clearest path on the street. You have postal workers, friends and loved ones travelling on that path, and avoiding injuries (and a lawsuit) is never a bad thing. Shoveling sometimes leaves small layers of icy snow on the ground, but with a snow blower, you can get closer to the pavement and use ice salt more effectively.

We can’t drive home the point of time efficiency enough when it comes to working a snow blower. On average, during the winter months, most people spend 2.5 to 14 hours shoveling during regular snowfall. How would you like to cut that time down? In light winters, you can be done in 30 minutes. Heavier seasons, you’ll trim down those 14 hours into a maximum of 3. It’s working smarter.

If the season is really bad, or your child wants to start earning money around the neighborhood, a snow blower can help promote their entrepreneurial spirit without keeping them out all day, or hurting their backs in the process. Snow blowers help keep you on your feet, so injuries are less common.

Check out our snow removal page to learn more about the different snow blower options.