The Best Ways to Get Rid of Leaves

Updated August 9, 2019

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Leaves

Is your backyard filled with beautiful trees? Perhaps you have that huge oak tree, and many other trees that provide shade during the summer, along with an adding in some beauty to your garden. However, as much as the added curb appeal the trees may be providing your home with, you will have to face those falling leaves as the seasons change.

During the fall, these leaves turn into gold, orange and red. They drop from the branches, covering your garden or yard with such bright colors. The next thing you know, you would have to get rid of these leaves. Getting rid of fallen leaves have become a chore that you will have to deal with. But how do you get rid of them? What are some of the best ways to get rid of these leaves in your garden? It may not be your first time to clean up after your trees, but below are some of the best ways you can handle the piles of leaves in your yard and how to dispose of them:

Use a Rake

Rakes are common because they are effective. Using a rake can be one of the best ways to get rid of leaves in your yard. They aren’t the most used or common tool in the garden because they are useless.

If you will be using a rake to get rid of the leaves in your garden, then make sure to use a fan rake that has plastic or metal prongs. While there may be a lot of other kinds of rakes in the market, this type of rake is the best one. The rake needs to extend outward. This means that is should have the shape of a fan. After raking the leaves, you can put them in bags. Be sure to follow regulations on proper disposal, along with the types of bags that are allowed for pick up along with the scheduled days for it.

Use a Leaf Blower

Another effective method for getting rid of leaves is by using a leaf blower. However, make sure to check the local ordinances or rules in your area first. While leaf blowers are commonly used to get rid of grass clippings, you can also use this if you are weary about having to rake leaves manually. This will also be effective if you have a large yard and have to get rid of a quite an amount of leaves. This can save you time as well. If you are near the woods, you can blow them in areas behind your home so that they can decompose naturally.

Use a Yard Vacuum

Similar to the normal vacuum cleaner, the yard vacuum will be able to suck the leaves or small items or grass debris in your garden. Yard vacuums come with attached bags. There are also versions that may pick up trash, and other garden debris instead of just leaves.  Make sure to do some research on various types to be able to pick out the best one for your yard.


But how do you dispose of these leaves? Below are some of the methods you can apply:

  • Add them to your compost pile. This will be very effective in your compost pile because it can help provide carbon to your grass clippings and other kitchen scraps.
  • Mulch them. You can let them decompose and put them in your garden mulch, which can help your garden thrive.