Why Do I Need to Rake?

Updated August 9, 2019

Why Do I Need to Rake?

Every year, many homeowners are faced with the chore of having to rake their leaves. But we have to admit, those reds, oranges and golden leaves may actually look beautiful on your yard. But aside from having to do the chore, many homeowners may be wondering if it is really necessary to rake their leaves?

Why Raking Is Important

If you have a yard that has trees, then it is evident that you will have to rake your garden at some point during the year, or whenever the seasons may be changing. But many homeowners may be asking: Why is raking really important?

Improves Overall Yard or Lawn Health

Aside from improving the overall look of your lawn, it is also important for its overall health as well. It isn’t simply making your lawn look tidy, but raking also has some benefits for your grass or yard as well. Raking leaves will allow your garden or lawn to develop a green or healthy lawn when spring comes. During the fall, leaves must be raked in order for this to happen. You can also help your lawn improve my composting some of the leaves, and not simply just letting them be collected on the side of your property. Mulching them can also be a good idea, because this will provide the nourishment that your plants will need in the future, and in order for them to thrive nicely.

Creates a Green Lawn Without Bare Patches

Raking the leaves in your yard will also help created a bright green lawn as the spring comes. This will also get rid of the patches that are bare in your yard as well. Raking your lawn will also help your grass absorb sunlight much properly as the spring comes. This will provide your grass with the right air circulation that it will need, along with the water and nutrients that are needed in order to be able to have a healthy lawn during the spring.

If your lawn was able to develop thatches, raking your lawn will help get rid of it. Getting rid of thatches are important because it prevents the nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn. This can also hinder new grass blades from coming out or growing.

Helps Get Rid or Reduce Garden Pests

Raking is also important because it can help lessen the number of garden pests. If you let those decomposing or fallen leaves on your yard, you will be creating a good environment for those irritating garden pests. This will entice them, which can help you end up with garden pests that will eat your plants and destroy your garden. Leaving those leaves to sit will help pests thrive. Raking will prevent such incidents.

Helps Create Compost or Mulch For Your Garden 

Lastly, you should rake your leaves so that you can create compost that can be used to create mulch. The raked leaves are a vital component for your compost bins. What you can do is to shred them, and then add them to your compost after. As the season passes, you will expect to have rich compost that will help nurture your garden. It will result to an organic mixture that you can use to help your plants thrive.

You can also use the leaves that you’ve raked up as mulch as well. This will help give your garden some organic nourishment, along with adding protection to your usual garden beds.