Best Garden Hoses

Learn about Garden Hoses and the Best Options on the Market

With so many options available in garden hoses, it can be confusing to choose the right one. Manufacturer claims of durability and innovative features certainly don’t make the task any easier, and you will likely find yourself awash with marketing hype without having a clue as to what hose represents the best value for the money.

There are a whole plethora of different reasons why you may be looking to purchase a garden hose, and before you actually buy one, that is an important factor to fully have determined before you make any type of final purchase of a garden hose. Not all garden hoses are created equal, and you absolutely need to have a designated purpose in mind at the outset of your search. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing a garden hose that is not right for you.

Despite the title that it has, a “garden hose” does not have to exclusively be used for the purposes of maintaining a garden. It is also a great implement for the purposes of filling up a pool, especially those of the inflatable variety, which you very likely may have if you have children at home, or are even just an aunt or uncle who happens to host your nieces and nephews a lot. In that case, you are going to want a hose that can fill up the pool quickly and is not more design oriented towards fine misting, which is what gardeners, experienced and novice alike, tend to be looking for when they purchase a garden hose, as their plants need to be watered delicately.

In this guide, we clue you in to three of the best garden hoses available, each in a different segment of the price scale. Any one of these should provide you with quality features and reliable performance so choose your price point and take your pick!